Laverna Webclipper, the story of a WebExtension

Posted on Sun 18 September 2016 in libre • Tagged with opensource • 3 min read

Yesterday I've spent my afternoon on a very small side-project related to Laverna.

Laverna is an offline-first, no-backend Web application that allows you to write notes directly from your browser, classify them in notebooks, with a live-preview Markdown editor and a powerful yet simple tagging system. Besides being offline-first, it …

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A Tale Of Linux On The Desktop

Posted on Wed 27 January 2016 in libre • Tagged with opensource • 3 min read

So I've received a new desktop machine at home, on which only Windows 10 was installed. I've decided to install Linux, for my day-to-day hacking. Unfortunately, when I've plugged the Ubuntu (nobody's perfect) USB drive to my computer, I had the surprise to see a black screen showing up just …

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Wallabag, mot de passes, sel et empreintes

Posted on Wed 06 May 2015 in libre • Tagged with opensource • 4 min read

Changer son mot de passe Wallabag, TL:DR;

$ cd /var/www/wallabag
$ printf "motdepasseLogin"`cat inc/poche/ | grep "SALT" | cut -d \' -f 4` | openssl sha1
> c87c3d3f823c166602a0ddfc2d96c82aa7b27d9e
$ sqlite3 db/poche.sqlite
sqlite> update users set password="c87c3d3f823c166602a0ddfc2d96c82aa7b27d9e" where id=1;
sqlite> ^D

Comment changer son mot de passe …

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