Making calls to WebAssembly fast and implementing anyref

Posted on Wed 04 July 2018 in mozilla • Tagged with mozilla • 7 min read

Since this is the end of the first half-year, I think it is a good time to reflect and show some work I've been doing over the last few months, apart from the regular batch of random issues, security bugs, reviews and the fixing of 24 bugs found by our …

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Making asm.js/WebAssembly compilation more parallel in Firefox

Posted on Fri 22 April 2016 in mozilla • Tagged with opensource, mozilla • 8 min read

In December 2015, I've worked on reducing startup time of asm.js programs in Firefox by making compilation more parallel. As our JavaScript engine, Spidermonkey, uses the same compilation pipeline for both asm.js and WebAssembly, this also benefitted WebAssembly compilation. Now is a good time to talk about what …

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Previous writings about Mozilla work

Posted on Wed 09 March 2016 in mozilla • Tagged with opensource, mozilla • 2 min read

I am currently a compiler engineer at Mozilla corporation, the company making the Firefox browser among else. Our JavaScript virtual machine, Spidermonkey, is split in several tiers, including an highly optimizing Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler able to compile JavaScript to assembly at runtime. My previous work has involved efficiently compiling Float32 …

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Hello Mozilla, world!

Posted on Thu 31 December 2015 in mozilla • Tagged with mozilla • 1 min read

Hello Mozilla!

Hello world! And in advance, happy new year!

I am going to try to blog more about my work at Mozilla, and this will happen in this new mozilla category. You can expect technical posts about SpiderMonkey (the JS virtual machine implementation in Mozilla Firefox), OdinMonkey / asm.js …

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